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I help in understanding feelings and behaviors that don’t make sense, to prevent the past from interfering in the present. Gaining greater control over your life can help stop self-destructive patterns, leading to real and lasting changes in how you feel about yourself.

After a few initial visits, I make recommendations about therapy options, and we discuss the most useful way to proceed. You may wish to focus on gaining insight into impediments and inhibitions that have interfered with life goals, or we may decide to work toward practical solutions to specific problems that have arisen more recently.

Meeting regularly over a few months can help guide you through a crisis, re-establishing your usual good feelings and optimal ways of living. More frequent sessions over an extended period allow for a fuller exploration and a process of working-through the origins of old patterns, toward the goal of reducing a tendency to be controlled by unconscious forces.

I place a priority on integrity and adhering to the highest professional ethical standards. Confidentiality and respect for the whole person are the underpinnings of my work and I provide a caring and supportive environment while being open to a broad range of feelings that emerge, positive as well as negative.

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